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South Carolina Education Stories

Read the stories of families like yours who share their journey to find the perfect place for their child.
  • Meet The Moore Family

    My motto is, “I'd rather look back at the mistake, than regret the opportunity I never took.”
  • Meet Evan Cobb

    "Evan's working on grade level now."
  • Meet Ta’Shaun Harris

    "It's all about how you look at it."
  • Meet the Faucett Family

    “Morgan got to point where she hated school.”
  • Meet the Diveley Family

    "They are more social today than they were in school because our schedule is so flexible."
  • Meet the Jackson Family

    "If we had to do it all over again ... we would do the same thing."
  • Meet the Richardson Family

    "The ability to provide this in South Carolina is so wonderful, it is exactly what our kids need."
  • Meet the Sotero Family

    "I want to have a dream for myself. I want to go out, explore and learn from the best of the best."
  • Meet the Wilson Family

    "The more flexible online schedule enabled her to do everything she wanted."
  • Meet the MacDonald Family

    "Teachers are more receptive to a parent’s input since they know that parents are paying for it."
  • Meet the Campbell Family

    "We had met several home schooling families with children whose character, manners, and social skills we admired very much."
  • Meet the Pierce Family

    "These teachers are genuinely excited from the beginning of school to the end of school."
  • Meet the Jacobs Family

    "Connections Academy has allowed Tre’Shaun to work without the distractions of a traditional classroom setting."
  • Meet Jeorgie Hicks

    "You can’t put a price on mentoring…everyone needs that advice, everyone needs that friend."
  • Meet the Washington Family

    "We completely fell in love with it because the class size is so small."
  • Meet the Williams Family

    "I can definitely say Spring Hill was made for Tyler. It has all the pieces Tyler needs."
  • Meet the Hollingsworth Family

    "Hidden Treasure is an amazing place, and the right place for Cody."
  • Meet the Lisinski Family

    "We have and will have to make sacrifices to keep the boys at the school, but find all of what we do well worth it!"
  • Meet the Wood Family

    "The time that Bill and I got to spend with our oldest daughters in high school was fabulous."
  • Meet the Ellis Family

    "I couldn’t imagine just going to one school and not having a choice for what’s best for my children!"
  • The Cantu Family

    "We came to the United States from Mexico more than 12 years ago and became US citizens in 2018. With this pandemic, our family in Mexico was hit especially hard. They needed financial support, and we were very happy to provide it, but we had to cut costs here at home."
  • The Booth Family

    "Since March, the hours at my job have been cut in less than half, as has my paycheck. The struggle is real and under these circumstances the SAFE Grant would be such a blessing to our family..."
  • The Kelly Family

    "As a single mom of three small children who is also someone who serves the community as an educator, I am hoping for assistance should funds become available."
  • The Washburn Family

    "I have two elementary age school kids and with this pandemic this year we were only able to afford to enroll our youngest child..."
  • The Espinoza Family

    "When my son was two years old, we discovered he had a huge brain cyst and since then our family has been through a lot of challenges."
  • The Green Family

    "It has been rough these few months... but this SAFE Grant is giving me hope."
  • The Gonzalez Family

    "We have to provide food, clothing, and transportation, as well as tuition payments for both of our grandkids..."
  • The Wright Family

    "I have rarely shared my story with anyone, but I feel compelled to share with you so that you can continue to fight..."
  • The Sanchez Family

    "My family is low-income and we must sacrifice many things so that my son attends a private school..."
  • The Miller Family

    "We may have to make major sacrifices to continue to support my child's growth as a future leader..."
  • The Byrd Family

    "We are a one-income family as his father is a disabled veteran..."
  • The Langley Family

    "When COVID hit and schools closed, I got laid off for 3 months. It was very difficult for me to homeschool 2 children..."
  • The Rumsey Family

    "Because of our daughter's medical condition she fell behind in school which caused her (and us) great anxiety."
  • The Bridges Family

    "I am a single father raising my child. This would make things much better for her..."
  • The Williams Family

    "I would love to see my daughter reach her maximum potential..."
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