Meet the Williams Family

“I think this just happened to be God’s gift.” That’s what Karen Williams had to say about Spring Hill High School, a career pathways magnet school located in Chapin, SC.

After attending Irmo Middle, the Williams’ oldest son, Tyler, now attends Spring Hill High School where he studies in the school’s Entrepreneurial Academy, one of five career programs that are offered. The “Stallion Station” retail store and “Spring Bean” coffee shop are run by students in the Academy who develop the business plans, marketing, staffing and operations, and management of the stores as a very practical part of their larger education experience.

“Ever since he was little, Tyler always wanted to go somewhere different,” Karen says. “He loves everything about Spring Hill.” Tyler has good reason—Spring Hill provides him with the atmosphere that helps him succeed.

When asked if Tyler benefits academically from attending a magnet school, Karen responds with a resounding, “Absolutely! Tyler has always been a good student…but he does better in a smaller class environment, and getting to know the teachers, and having that one on one relationship with them. The teacher relationships are amazing.”

The Williams chose the magnet school because it best fits Tyler’s needs. “Spring Hill has truly adapted to help us. It feels like they’re doing it just for you, but they’re doing it for every child. They will accommodate your need,” expresses Karen. Tyler plays basketball, participates in student government, and is president of the Entrepreneurial Academy.

“Tyler is very happy. He wants nothing to do with going back to his other school because he loves Spring Hill so much.”

Tyler wants to be an attorney, and the Williams know what is necessary for him to accomplish his dream: “One of our goals is for him to go to college, and Spring Hill has given him the opportunity to see that it’s possible,” explains Karen. “I can definitely say Spring Hill was made for Tyler. It has all the pieces Tyler needs.”

Updated 09/27/2020