D.W.’s Story

I have recently lost my husband of 40 years quite unexpectedly. We have had our great-granddaughter since birth & were in the 3rd year of legally adopting her. After my husband’s death I continued to pursue the adoption & now it is final! I have been left with large attorney and legal fees. The choice to send our daughter to private school to give her the best opportunity will continue even with financial hardships. My financial status was cut 3/4 after my husbands death. I will now (at age 67) begin working in the school cafeteria to help with my finances. The SAFE Grant has given me a ray of hope! I have rarely shared my story with anyone, but I feel compelled to share with you so that you can continue to fight for ones like myself that may have similar stories and realize the need is real.

Updated 09/04/2020