L.M.’s Story

I am a single mom struggling to put my child through school while taking care of an aging mom. I have been a FIRM believer in public school until moving to SC & watching my 5th grader (at the time) start self-harming due to bullying. Private school for us is not optional and I will do whatever it takes to make sure she remains private. I may have to put in many extra hours at work if I can due to COVID limiting hours. We cannot afford most of life’s everyday things but it is worth it to have a happy, healthy child who is in a small classroom limiting the threat of brining home COVID to her grandmother. The SAFE Grant would mean normal working hours & time home with my child to help with homework. It would mean less stress & strain to pay bills & the possibility of catching up on past due payments. Mostly it would mean peace of mind & would be a lifesaver.

Updated 09/04/2020