C.R.’s Story

Hello …my husband works two jobs & I work one to put our daughter thru private school last year . She never really had a issue with public school until Freshman year .She hated to go to class and was making falling grades . We keep asking her what’s wrong & she keep saying I don’t like being around a lot of people & I don’t understand the teachers . It turned out the more kids in a class room the more she shut down . Since we put her in private school, she has more one-on-one attention and can focus so much better & making all A’s ! We also have a older daughter who went to public school and graduated in top her class. See every child is different and needs to be looked at different ! We would love the help w/private school it’s taking every dime we have to put her thru school . No, we are not rich: we actually meet the guidelines for this fund. It would be a big blessing!!

Updated 09/04/2020