D.T.’s Story

We have 3 girls ages 10 6 and 2. Our school went to a hybrid/virtual option. We live directly between two towers with little service hard-wired in. For the spring semester when schools closed my girls only completed 7.5% and 1.6% of their work. It’s not fair to kids not to be able to complete their work due to lack of service. We struggled with the decision about private school for weeks; between how to pay for it, the fact that my middle child has anxiety, and the extra expenses it would incur like gas, but we made the decision to go to private school because kids need other kids. Parents have to work. I am a mom and I will bend over backwards for my kids so they have what they need. This grant would allow me to not have the stress and concerns about what bill to pay or what can we do without so they can have what they need as far as an education.

Updated 09/04/2020