D.W.’s Story

Another type of child in need is getting a bail-out. This is not mis-spending tax dollars, but allocating some of it back to those VERY PARENTS who have paid into the system for years. With COVID-19 affecting the 2 jobs I work this grant would be a blessing as it would help carry my children through. Yes, it was my choice to send my children to private school. Now, this is the govenor recognizing that a different kind of child needs a bail-out. They are not less deserving. Why penalize the children of parents who were furloughed or laid off or who worked 2 jobs to send their child to a school like this? First Steps already pays for underprivileged children to get a better education. This is assistance for ONE year & you have to be lucky enough to even get it. Consider it a one-time tax-gift back that will also help teachers keep their jobs.

Updated 09/04/2020