My ESA Story: The Wells Family

Spartanburg, SC

“In early 2020, unsure how our children’s lives and education would be drastically shaken, we knew we needed to try something more promising. We were led to Spartanburg Christian Academy.

“While we have had to make huge sacrifices, financially and physically to make this work, it has been worth it all. Our kids have been given daily love and growth in much more than just academics. They are even growing all around in friendships, athletics and most importantly, spiritually.

“We would love to keep our children in this environment for the rest of their “school days” as we believe this is the best spot for their education. Our kids actually love school now!

“Of course everyone has their own opinion as to what education their children need which is why we strongly support the case at hand. If funds are given for education purposes, it should not be limited to public alone. Giving some of the funds for families financially who decide to take a route outside of public education is huge and we highly support this effort.

“Thank you to all on board as well as all educators in our state!”

Updated 03/19/2021