A.H.’s Story

We started going through the process of trying to transfer our 3 boys from public to private school in early January of this year before COVID-19. After schools shut down we had to postpone things. We own a small Mom & Pop business and our revenue was reduced by over 50% leaving us unsure if we could afford it. We stepped out on faith & continued the enrollment process praying things will get better & we would not be forced to give up this opportunity for our children. When the Governor announced the grant we thought it was heaven sent! This grant would allow us the chance to fully get back on our feet by helping with our childrens tuition. Having 3 children in school is difficult for any parent but the SAFE Grant would provide us with that extra lift for this year that is very much needed at this time! All parents should have the opportunity of Choice ED!

Updated 09/04/2020