P.C.’s Story

As a foster parent I walked into a hospital and had a preemie baby boy released into my care. I am now his forever mommy! When he was 2 I placed him in a private school. The school has been great in shaping him into an awesome, respectful, and God loving little guy! The school has a small teacher to student ratio. In this situation DNA could easily work against him. Private school with small class size gives one on one attention. It has been a HUGE part of him being very successful so far and I know it will help shape him into the person God has planned. Financially Im struggling to keep him in the only school he has known because Im a single mom and have lost my job due to COVID19. Im checking my email daily hoping for great news that I can re-enroll him! Thank you so much for your efforts in making sure no child is left behind!

Updated 09/04/2020