B.L.’s Story

As a disabled parent of a 5 year old, school closures last spring made my already difficult situation almost unmanageable. I have limited abilities & support systems. I made the difficult decision to send my child back to school to attend in-person for the benefit of our physical and mental well-being. However Lexington District 2 informed me my child would only be allowed to attend two days of the week & then I would be responsible for virtual learning for the other 3 days. I was overjoyed to find out about SAFE Grants & then found a private school that accepted her & it looked to offer the educational groundwork, support, & care she so desperately needs. I was educated & worked as a nurse before becoming disabled & never thought I would be in this position. Our need is not out of laziness or me not willing to parent my child, it is out of necessity.

Updated 09/04/2020