M.m.’s Story

During this COVID mess, I have gained temporary custody of my grandchildren. I had to put in my notice at my job because I will be staying home to make sure my grandchild gets the best education possible. I think it is crazy that they are going to school 2 days a week and doing virtual school the other 3 days. Family’s are not going to be able to survive because of this. I am paying $103 a month for my child to do online school. Either way, if I send my child to school or took a different route, I would have to quit work. I work at a daycare and they do not provide transportation or after-school care. I could have only worked 2 days at 6hrs a day. That is not enough to help provide for my family. We are struggling to make ends meet now, and now that I am not going to be working it is going to be even harder. But God will make a way.

Updated 09/04/2020