My ESA Story: The Alexander Family

Anderson, SC

“I have two grandchildren, one that does very very good in public school. The other child is adopted from Russia. We got him when he was 16 months old. He weighed 16 pounds and could not walk, talk, or feed himself.

“He grew and along with that so did the stress, anxiety, and fear. He did ok in Elementary school…but with the growing amount of students in his class so did the problems. We decided to try private school. He began to do better. There was only 7 in his class. We really could see the difference in him. But it was expensive, it put a strain on my daughter’s family. But we all got together and made it through. He has three years to go…. it has made a world of difference.

“I pay taxes a lot and none goes toward one of my grandkids. This is not right.

“All children do not fit in the same mold. Some need more and he received it. I feel SC has discriminated against my grandson. Every step he makes is one towards having a better life. A productive one.”

Updated 03/19/2021