L.P.’s Story

This year has been challenging for us all. In December of 2019, my husband was told he needed a liver transplant to live. He received that transplant July 12, 2020. Life has been hard and continues to be. He owns a business but couldn’t work for being so sick. I own a business in esthetics and during the shut down was out of work for two months. Depending on a $700 check from unemployment was hard to make stretch. On top of all of that, my husband and I are separating. My son is 5. He attended private school during his 4K year and will for 5k as well. It is expensive, but the sacrifice I have to make to pay his tuition is worth it. He is very smart and needs the challenge of a private school. To get this grant to help with his tuition would be a blessing. It would make my finances so much easier and would help my son get the education he deserves.

Updated 09/04/2020