M.M.’s Story

March 24th 2020, I got the dreaded phone from my husband that he had been laid off. Being the only source of income for our family, it was devastating. We are a family of 5. Last year my oldest son attended a private school. Thankfully they were able to see our urgent situation and help us get through the end of my sons pre-k year. I was worried sick my child wouldn’t be able to go back because although my husband found a new job, it is a $100,000 pay cut! When I heard the Governor’s grant, prayers were answered. My husband is still seeking better income opportunities, but this grant was the answer for my little boy to continue his education in how we envisioned it. We are praying this lawsuit is resolved quickly, so we can have one less thing to focus on this year and my son can get the education we want him to have.

Updated 09/04/2020