K.M.’s Story

I am incredibly impressed with the measures taken to help students and families across the State of SC. Our family can personally testify that this SAFE Grant would be a great relief of major financial hardship due to the pandemic. Our children ages 7 and 10 have attended a small private Christian school in SC since they were each at the age of 3. We’ve suffered a financial hardship as my husband was laid off from his job and received a pay cut. Because of this we are financially burdened with being able to pay the tuition to be able to send our children back to their school this fall. This is very heartbreaking to us and our children. The SAFE Grant would be such a blessing to our family, and would allow us to send our children back to school- a school that they love and miss dearly! Our school relies on the tuition paid by parents as it is a nonprofit.

Updated 09/04/2020