L.A.’s Story

I was working as a nurse and was laid off due to the pandemic. My son will be entering Kindergarten this year and unfortunately we live in a school zone that doesnt have the best public schools. The test scores are some of the lowest in the state and there is a lot of bullying. As a Christian mother, I have decided I want my son to be around people of the same faith growing educationally and spiritually. However, since I lost my job and am a single mother, it has made it almost impossible. This grant would allow me to provide the future I want for my son until I am able to secure a new job and provide it for him myself. Government money should not only be available to help those in public schools. All children deserve to have access to funds no matter where their parents choose to send them. So thank you for fighting for us Governor McMaster and God bless!

Updated 09/04/2020