S.F.’s Story

I am a single, working mother of two girls (7 & 12). I am the sole provider for my home. In the Spring I was blessed to be able to work flex hours to finish the school year with my children. It was a temporary fix for a temporary situation. Unfortunately the temporary situation is still here & flex hours is not a permanent offer from my employer. Therefore homeschool is not a desirable option. The only option in my community is a $7,000yr/student private school. Without this grant I cannot afford the $1,300 per month tuition (does not include books extra curriculars supplies food etc.) & do what is in the best for my children. This grant would be a HUGE blessing & will contribute in incredible ways to the growth of my children. They will stay at the top of their classes like they have always been & will have no fear of falling behind. That is has infinite value.

Updated 09/04/2020