E.M.’s Story

I am a 63 year old grandmother, raising a 9 year old granddaughter & a 4 year old granddaughter. I choose to make sacrifices to send to Christian school. I have no support financially or physically. I do it on my own. My 9 year old has been at her privaet school since she was in K-3. She is now a fourth grader there. My 4 year old started last year in K-3. She is in K-4 this year. Im very happy with the school. I need the smaller setting with more time focused on individual help. I have worked the same job for 17 plus years. I work 40 plus hrs a week & am paid for 40 hrs. The most important factor in raising these girls is keeping them where they feel a sense of having more family than just me. Having the grant shared with schools in addition to the public schools makes perfect sense.

Updated 09/04/2020