C.J.’s Story

I am a single mom who works full time at a doctor’s office. My work hours are from 8am until 430 pm. Due to this I have looked into private school for my son as I have no one to help me 3 days out of the 5 I have to work with online school. I do not feel as though he’d get the education he needs and deserves in public schools. As well as finding the time to do school work when I get home from work and for him to actually participate is going to be hard on us. I am court ordered to get child support from his father. However he hasn’t paid consistently in the last 3 years. If I did I would happily pay. Getting this grant would be a peace of mind in knowing that my son would get the education he needs and that he would have a set schedule. I hope this Grant does goes through so that children like my son can get the education they deserve.

Updated 09/04/2020