M.H.’s Story

I am a single mom with a daughter entering eighth grade for the 2020-2021 school year. My ex-husband was paralyzed in an accident when our daughter was only 14 months old and is unable to help financially. I have never received child support or federal or state assistance of any kind. I work two jobs to raise my daughter and to pay for her to go to a private school. She has attended this private school since pre-K. She loves her school and participating in cheerleading and drama club and FCA. She is an A student who always does her best in school This SAFE Grant would help me be able to keep my daughter at the only school she has known and grown up in. I was also a public school teacher for 15 years and saw how public school students get everything for free while I struggle to pay for everything out of pocket. Private school parents need help too.

Updated 09/04/2020