T.H.’s Story

My husband makes below the poverty level but we save every penny we can so that our children are able to attend private school. its a small school that provides a family-like atmosphere. Every person at the school knows every student by name. I don’t worry that my child could be lost or alone, because family always notices and thats what our school is! It’s a big family who is always looking out for each other. God is a big part of our school which is sadly something you can’t get in a public school. With the pandemic it has made it harder for parents to afford private schools which makes It harder for staff to get payed. Our teachers deserve to be payed just as well as public school teachers. These grants would allow that. I think the smaller numbers per class allow for better protection against COVID 19. Private schools are just as essential as public schools and the SAFE Grant would help out in this time of need.

Updated 09/04/2020