A.R.’s Story

My daughter was in a private school. This was already a sacrifice for me as my AGI is lower than $45k. It was still important to me that receive the education from an institution that I believe in. I am a single mother and this was a tough choice even before COVID-19. I was laid off April 16th and my job was eliminated. I am very employable, however the jobs are just not there. I am having to move my daughter to a new school because there was no way I could commit to a year of tuition with no job. The transition to a new school is hard enough on a child let alone a transition in the middle of a pandemic. It hurts my heart that I have to do this to her. Her teachers at her old school know where she left off. Now there is no telling what will happen with her education. I can’t leave a 10 year old home alone over 40 hours a week.

Updated 09/04/2020