The Booth Family

“First of all, thank you Gov. McMaster for your acknowledgement that just because some families choose private schools for their children doesn’t automatically mean that they have plenty of money.

In our case, it means a huge sacrifice on parents to live on a strict budget, living paycheck to paycheck to get the monthly bills and school tuition paid, and not much left to live on for gas, groceries, taxes, insurance, other school expenses, etc..

For our family, it is very much worth the sacrifice.

Since March, the hours at my job have been cut in less than half, as has my paycheck. The struggle is real and under these circumstances the SAFE Grant would be such a blessing to our family and lift some of the stress on us parents as we try to figure out how to pay tuition for our two kids to continue attending private school on a very decreased budget.”

Updated 09/14/2020