Meet Evan Cobb

5th grader Evan Cobb was one of South Carolina’s first recipients of a scholarship through South Carolina’s only private education choice program.  Thanks to the $5,000 scholarship, Evan is able to attend Hidden Treasure, a special independent school that serves students diagnosed with intellectual, physical, emotional, developmental and learning disabilities.

For Evan’s family, though the school had offered him a partial scholarship and tuition supplements, enrollment at this special school was a financial challenge.

Thanks to the program now known as ExceptionalSC, Evan is able to attend the school his family certain is the best place for him to reach his full potential. At Hidden Treasure, he can receive all the specialized instruction and attention he needs.

“Thanks to this scholarship, this will be Evan’s second year at Hidden Treasure,” explained Dorothy Cobb, Evan’s mother. “His skills in math have jumped dramatically so that he is now working on grade level; his ability to function as part of the group in his classroom has skyrocketed,” Dorothy continued, “now he is working on accumulating enough homework points to earn an invitation to the class end-of-year trip to Charleston!”

Updated 09/20/2020