S.B.’s Story

I am a teacher at a private school in Spartanburg County. Private school teachers do not make as much as public school teachers. I love my job, but my salary, along with my husband’s hospital security salary, still does not afford us the opportunity for my two sons to attend the school where I work. My school is going to open with students on campus five days a week. Being a smaller school we can more easily make adaptions around campus to safely learn on campus. The school district we are zoned for will open on a hybrid schedule with students on campus only two days each week. I will be at work every. I cant afford not to work nor should I give up my job when there is a better option. Let my boys go to school with me. This grant doesnt help wealthy families, but instead helps families like mine to have peace of mind, both financially and emotionally.

Updated 09/04/2020