T.H.’s Story

I am in a situation that I am not completely comfortable sharing my story and I am torn on what is best for my own child. I am a public educator. My 13 year old is too old for daycare yet to young to be left alone. I have no other relatives near by that I can leave her with as my elderly mother is taking care of my father who is a cancer patient in his 70’s and my autistic adult sister. My daughter’s father (my ex-husband) is not a suitable person to leave her with as he has no license after several DUI’s and drug possession charges. So I must work to support myself and my daughter and it was decided that my districts personnel would return but not the students and even when they do start it will be one or two days a week yet I will go all week. I realize many other careers have faced this problem recently and have been forced to make drastic choices even our ethics

Updated 09/04/2020