M.C.’s Story

My husband and I decided to enroll our daughter into a private Christian school 2 years ago. We wanted to provide a great education for her as well as incorporating God’s word into her curriculum. We felt that she needed a little extra attention and would prosper in a smaller classroom size than a public school offers. We have managed to make the tuition fit into our budget, but we have had to sacrifice a lot to provide this type of education for her. We both have full time jobs and do whatever we can to send her to this private school but this grant would help us out tremendously. Our son has also just been accepted into this school (he is 3 years old) and we could really use any extra help towards tuition payments. This grant would be much appreciated for our family, and it would allow us to live more comfortably when it comes to budgeting.

Updated 09/04/2020