J.T.’s Story

We are family of 4 and my husband is disabled .Our older daughter is 8 and she was for 3 years in public school Montessori program. Last year we signed her up for private school even though it’s a financial struggle for our family. During this 3 years in public school she was told she is wrong skin color to play with some other kids, she was taught to sing song with N word,and also one of her school friends showed the rest of the class how to give middle finger to God. For all these reasons we decide to change the school. I have my own business and since this pandemic business been completely shut down. Because I’m self-own my business I still not been approved for unemployment. This SAFE Grants, even if it is for 1 year, would be of great importance to our family until we can get through this pandemic and I can reopen my business.

Updated 09/04/2020