Meet the Lisinski Family

For parents Chris and Tricia Lisinski, going the extra mile in the search of better educational options for their two children was worth the effort.

Their twins, Damian and Dante, are at the beginning of their educational journey, but Chris and Tricia have already had to face dealing with a poor classroom environment. Disappointed by the twins’ old school, Chris and Tricia began to explore other options a few years ago. “We felt that their previous school did not meet the needs of the boys nor gave them the attention we believe they deserve,” they explained.

But many of the other options available to them seemed to offer little better. “We noticed during our research of local schools that the older, larger elementary schools are more of a daycare or warehouse for the children. Numbers not results seem to drive them,” Tricia observed.

A school where the equation “more students equal more funding” was king was not going to work. Chris and Tricia’s hope was to find a school where Damian and Dante would be valued as individuals.

The Lisinski’s found the perfect fit for the twins in Carolina Voyager Charter School (CVCS), a Charleston public charter school. The open, diverse, and parent-friendly school especially appealed to the family. As Tricia reflected, “The school staff was very helpful in making ALL of us feel welcome.”

The twins have just begun their second year at CVCS as first graders and are thriving. “The boys now get the attention that they deserve,” says Tricia happily. With its emphasis on meeting the individual needs of each child, CVCS has the full support of the Lisinski family.

“We are absolutely thrilled with our choice,” says Tricia, “We have and will have to make sacrifices to keep the boys at the school, but find all of what we do well worth it!”

Updated 09/27/2020