K.W.’s Story

As full time working parents, life can get very expensive! With our work schedules, we have no choice but to send our child to a child care facility. The one we have chosen is a private academy. It is around the same price to send her there as it would be a daycare. At her new school, she will receive an education along with child care! We don’t qualify for financial aid that would be available at a daycare because of our income. Unfortunately, expenses arent accounted for on the applications. My husband is a type one diabetic and has to have insulin to survive. The cost of insulin pump supplies and Doctor visits are VERY costly! We could save money monthly to pay off medical debt or put aside for our second baby. Not all children in private schools come from wealthy families! We are working parents who live paycheck to paycheck that could benefit from this!

Updated 09/04/2020