S.G.’s Story

Our family has been involved with a private school for the past 8 years. My son graduated in 2019. My older daughter will be a senior this year. And my younger daughter will be entering the 3rd grade. I’ve been on staff since 2012. Due to Covid-19 our school’s yearly fundraiser had to be cancelled in May. With a tremendous short fall. our Board made decisions that have affected our family. All staff were informed there would be a 7% deduction in salaries across the board. And for my family, our tuition would increase over $500 per month. Our family cannot afford that. So I am looking for another job and it appears we will have to figure out my two daughters’ education for this next year. It’s most difficult for our older daughter as she is entering her senior year of high school. The SAFE Grants would be most beneficial to our family.

Updated 09/04/2020