E.C.’s Story

Our son has ADHD and needs a ‘hands on’ learning experience. He is physically and mentally incapableof learning virtually. We made the decision to find him face to face schooling. But he will not make it through HIS last and SENIOR year without face to face. And because of his learning difficulties, once he falls behind he gets overly frustrated and feels like he’ll never catch up. Then he gives up. He doesn’t NEED to give up! There are willing people to teach so that’s the decision we have made for our oldest. He doesn’t get a second chance to catch up next year. This year is IMPORTANT for him to BE PREPARED for college & to FEEL SUCCESSFUL.We enrolled our son into a private school that we can no way afford. We’ve applied for assistance, but were only allotted a small amount of the exorbitant fees. Please don’t fail us. Our son deserves his chance to graduate. Help us as parents help him make it to a brighter future.

Updated 09/04/2020