My ESA Story: The Smith Family

Saint George, SC

“ESA’s would help me tremendously with tuition expenses. I pay almost $500 a month to send my 5 year old son to private school. I do not want to take him out of this school but I may not have a choice. Our local school district is well behind the times on an educational standard. The schools are run down, education is sub-par, and the lack of security is overwhelming. I went to inquire about enrolling my son at the districts elementary school and I walked right in. There were no barrier doors or security in sight.

“When I went to our local private academy there was only one door available for entrance and a barrier door was in place to keep me from going any further into the school. This is a peace of mind for me, knowing he is safe throughout the day. I recently got married and up until then, I was a single parent. Although my now husband is contributing financially, we are in the process of buying a new home which will put an even harder burden on us.

“If I were to receive an ESA it would allow me to keep my son in the school he loves and is safest at. It would reduce the financial burden of the cost of his education and allow us to use the $500 monthly payment for our new home.

“Please consider this bill, not for my sake but for children, like my son, who cannot help the situation they are in.”

Updated 03/19/2021