K.T.’s Story

My youngest daughter will be starting school for the first time. She’ll be in kindergarten this year! I dont want her to be deprived of the experience on her first time ever going to big school like her older sister. My oldest daughter will be going to the 5th grade. These grades are a VERY important mile stone for my children. This is the time where they learn to make new friends & start learning about independence away from home. They’ll start learning the value of making good decisions. Some things you just can’t teach at home. Is it so important for these children to have outside connections with kids their age. They’ve been cooped up for too long. It will also help out other parents who can’t work because their kids have nowhere to go other than home. It’s not fair to let parents feel helpless when all they want to do is provide for their kids.

Updated 09/04/2020