T.R.’s Story

My brilliant daughter is going into 6th grade. She has always been in accelerated classes. I have always wanted to send her to a local private school. I wish she could have more God in her public school. I wish that she could learn from a book instead of a tablet. to pray before school starts everyday, to say the pledge of allegiance, and to simply be taught to write in cursive. The private school she wants to go to is something I cannot afford. I have applied and she has been accepted but because of cost she will not be able to go. With financial aid the balance is still $5 500. She has worked so hard and dreams of going to this school. It is a sad day when something as beautiful and simple as having God being the center of a school cost so much that Christians cannot afford it. With this Grant she will get her wish. They are aware of our situation and are also praying with us. Thank you Governor!

Updated 09/04/2020