K.W.’s Story

We moved here about three years ago to take care of my mother who was suffering from Alzheimers disease. Our son at the time was in 8th grade. We put him in the highest rated public school in our area. Long story short, he became a recluse and was hiding behind a column ever day when I went to pick him up. We decided he needed private school in this area, but we were having a hard time working up the funds to afford it. I have since acquired full time work but it still costs us half of our yearly income. This grant would greatly decrease our daily stresses of trying to keep our son at his private school. The opportunity he has of attending his school has really had a great positive impact on his life and all of the lives around him. All we want for our son is to thrive and learn to the best of his ability. Thank you.

Updated 09/04/2020