My ESA Story: The Bramlett Family

Greenville, SC

“The last year has been such a roller coaster. My daughter, JJ, was in her second semester of 4th grade at the wonderful public school, AJ Whittenberg. She loved her school so much and was excited to be taking a trip to Space Camp in March of 2020. I was a Marketing Manager of a retail store in downtown Greenville. That March, her exciting field trip was cancelled and I lost my job due to COVID-19. Luckily, I was later hired by another company about 50 minutes away from home with no hope for “work from home”.

“As a single mother, all I could think was that my daughter would be left alone all day to educate herself via virtual or hybrid school and feed herself and all that comes along with being home all day. I couldn’t wait any longer to see what would happen or to find a work from home job, so I had to enroll her in private school. I just thought, I’ll put it on credit or do whatever it is that I have to do to ensure she’s supervised, educated, and get’s to spend her days with kids her age. Ultimately, this school will cost me about $13,000.

“I had to do what I had to do to ensure her education, but I sure could useĀ  help to off-set these unforeseen costs. Anything would help!

“This picture is of my daughter presenting her project on Native Americans to a younger student at her new school. She built a diorama of an entire Native American village, but with different shelters and tools from different tribes and had to explain what each was and how they were used at the time.

“She’s learned so much this year, her education has been worth every penny! She misses AJ Whittenberg and her friends there, but ultimately, she’s grateful for the education she’s receiving.”

Updated 03/19/2021