Posted July 12, 2019

Strong leadership needed to fix State’s worst performing school districts

This article was first published on When it comes to fixing the problems in our state’s worst performing school districts, nearly everyone thinks that bold action at the state level is needed. But, in the face of immense local pressure to stand down, will the state act? There were signs of… Read More
Posted June 21, 2019

Classrooms crowded out of SC education funding

This article was first published on With over 70 sources of money, South Carolina’s system for funding our public schools is one of the most complicated in the country! That’s why this illustration is so powerful—total spending on programs is significant and administrative expenses are growing. But dollars tied to the needs of… Read More
Posted June 21, 2019

What “base student cost” means and why it matters for SC students

This article was first published on Our post several weeks ago, “South Carolina public schools are not underfunded,” caused considerable blowback from the “just give us more money” sector. Now to be fair, the definition of “fully funding” our state’s public schools is tricky.  So, in the interest… Read More
Posted June 20, 2019

Much work remains to fix SC schools

This article was first published on The 2019 South Carolina legislative session saw a strong focus on K-12 education. New education spending topped $290 million. While many important needs were met, most notably the teacher pay increase, there is still work to be done in order to unlock… Read More
Posted May 10, 2019

SC Teachers Deserve Big Ideas And Bold Solutions

This article was first published on Dr. Francis McMann. Graduate of the famed University of Chicago school of economics. John Wayne movie aficionado. And the public high school teacher whose AP U.S. History and Economics classes shaped my life and put me on the path to doing the… Read More
Posted April 26, 2019

South Carolina schools are not underfunded

This article was first published on When the South Carolina Senate debated the state budget last week, a key fiscal issue occupied a fair amount of time in the deliberative body: the adequacy of K-12 education funding. Senator Mike Fanning (D-Fairfield) declared that education in South Carolina is… Read More
Posted April 12, 2019

Consolidating tiny school districts will get dollars to kids

This article was first published on In his State of the State address last January, Governor Henry McMaster sounded the alarm about wasteful spending in education. Addressing the problem head on, McMaster stated his firm belief that tolerating administrative waste in our public school system is akin to picking the… Read More
Posted April 5, 2019

Big, bold school choice in South Carolina

This article was first published on It’s a fact: South Carolina’s “Year of Education” won’t be complete without big, bold school choice. Many good ideas to fix broken governance models, consolidate funding and administration, and support teachers are on the table. But a lot of these ideas are… Read More
Posted March 21, 2019

State funding needs to follow South Carolina students to school

This article was first published on When students go to school, they carry what’s necessary in their backpacks. But in South Carolina, too much of one important item doesn’t travel with students headed to a new school: education funding dollars. A new report from the Palmetto Promise Institute… Read More
Posted March 10, 2019

Different Schools and Strokes… For Different Folks

This article was first published on As people are different, so are schools. So here, in categories uniquely our own, and at the expense of purely academic pigeon-holing, is one of the most exhaustive lists of school options available to South Carolinians you will ever see: Public Schools: Neighborhood. Read More