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Posted April 22, 2020

Homeschooling and Ignorance: Harvard professor faces swift backlash after calling for homeschool ban

This article was first published on One thing you might not expect from Harvard Law School is ignorance. But that is exactly what we got in “The Risks of Homeschooling” published in the most recent Harvard magazine. All of the old 1980s (1970s?) home education tropes are trotted out: science-hating fundamentalism,… Read More
Posted April 21, 2020

South Carolina private schools uniquely impacted by COVID-19, could help be on the way?

This article was first published on It would be an understatement to say that COVID-19 has disrupted the education of South Carolina’s children. Parents and students alike have had to adjust to the new normal of learning from home, and teachers and school administrators have scrambled to provide… Read More
Posted March 18, 2020

Free resources for at-home learning during school closures

This article was first published on Learning from home, especially in this time of uncertainty, is a unexpected challenge for many families and teachers. But working together, we can keep our students safe, continue their education journey…and hopefully have some fun along the way! The resources provided on… Read More
Posted March 4, 2020

Evidence from Florida: Education choice works

This article was first published on In 1998, South Carolina students led Florida students in performance on a number of national tests, including the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), known as “The Nation’s Report Card.” But over the last decade, Florida far surpassed South Carolina in K-12… Read More
Posted February 6, 2020

A recap of South Carolina’s eventful national school choice week

This article was first published on Last week, Palmetto Promise Institute and My SC Education joined states across the country in celebrating the 10th Annual National School Choice Week. Here are some of the highlights from the eventful week. Governor Henry McMaster declared support for K-12 education choice in… Read More
Posted January 29, 2020

Video: Limitless Lila

This article was first published on When Mark and Padgett Mozingo found out their daughter Lila had Down syndrome, they were consistently told what she couldn’t do. Some even told Padgett that she shouldn’t go through with the pregnancy. But they decided Lila was “limitless” and work hard… Read More
Posted January 9, 2020

Video: Are South Carolina schools underfunded?

This article was first published on South Carolina spends the third most per pupil of all ‘deep south’ states – way more than Florida and Mississippi. But South Carolina is dramatically behind Florida and Mississippi in academic scores and in reading. It begs the question: how are we… Read More
Posted December 18, 2019

Video: Growing Up Great

This article was first published on Second Baptist Christian Preparatory School (SBC Prep) has been serving students in Aiken, South Carolina with excellence for over 20 years. Dr. Shaunette Parker–mother, educator, and SBC Prep board chair–discusses the need for education freedom and how the school has shaped her… Read More
Posted December 6, 2019

A gamechanger for South Carolina students

This article was first published on Yesterday, a S.C. Senate Education Subcommittee resumed public testimony on S.556, a bill to create Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). Parents, pastors, principals, and both local and national education policy experts testified about the practical way ESAs could transform educational opportunities for… Read More
Posted November 8, 2019

Thank God for… South Carolina?

This article was first published on When you type the words “thank god” into Google, several pre-populated suggestions for your search pop up, such as “thank god for another day” or “thank god for you,” but also on that list is… “thank God for Mississippi.” That phrase… Read More