Posted August 24, 2018

Journeys Beginning and Ending

This article was first published on We sent two off to college this week. One transferring as a junior into the orange world, the other starting out as a freshman under the garnet flag. Because I attended both universities, I have to admit it gives me great joy to know that at… Read More
Posted August 10, 2018

Bombs Away? The Truth About Education Lottery Spending

This article was first published on Earlier this summer, the South Carolina Legislative Audit Council (LAC), a watchdog created by the General Assembly to review the performance and fiscal integrity of state agencies, issued a report on the state’s use of funds generated by the South Carolina Education… Read More
Posted May 17, 2018

Consolidating Tiny School Districts Will Save A Fortune And Make Schools Better

This article was first published on South Carolina has 46 counties but 82 school districts. That’s a lot. Statistically, its 1.78 school districts for every county. To put that in perspective, North Carolina has 100 counties and 115 school districts, Florida has 67 counties and 67 school districts. Georgia has a lot of school… Read More
Posted April 27, 2018

Private Education In SC More Available Than You Might Think

This article was first published on Private schools are a vital part of a healthy education ecosystem that provides parents with the various options they need to find the right education fit for their student. Palmetto Promise recently partnered with EdChoice to conduct a survey of South Carolina’s… Read More
Posted April 19, 2018

School Choice Week II?

This article was first published on National School Choice Week is celebrated every January all over America. You saw the video of the amazing outpouring of support for all educational options. Charter, home, private, online, magnet and Christian school students filled the steps of our South Carolina Statehouse. But… Read More
Posted April 17, 2018

Education Scholarship Accounts Being Heard In Committee on Wednesday

This article was first published on Tomorrow (April 18) at 9:00 AM the South Carolina Senate’s K-12 Education Subcommittee will meet to discuss S.622—the South Carolina Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Account Act (ESA’s). ESA’s are an education innovation that is sweeping the country and creating unprecedented flexibility for… Read More
Posted April 12, 2018

Drop In South Carolina Test Scores Among Nation’s Worst

This article was first published on Southerners know the wisecrack that comes up whenever talking about some less-than-stellar state statistic: “Thank goodness for Mississippi.” Sadly, South Carolina’s education system just lost that excuse. On April 10, the National Center for Education Statistics released its 2017 results for the… Read More
Posted March 13, 2018

The Truth About Competency-Based Education

This article was first published on What is “competency-based education” and how would it impact South Carolina students? Issue at a Glance South Carolina lawmakers are currently considering a bill to allow schools to opt into a competency-based education model. Competency-based education – also called “personalized learning” –… Read More
Posted February 9, 2018

The Winning Formula: How to Fix South Carolina’s School Funding System

This article was first published on South Carolina’s K-12 education system suffers not despite its variety of revenue streams, but because of them. A tangled web of different revenue sources, costly mandates and new programs has pushed up administrative costs while perpetuating student underperformance. And worse, the current… Read More
Posted February 6, 2018

Funding Failure: South Carolina’s Broken School-Funding System

This article was first published on South Carolina’s public schools are supported by a host of education funding sources that have seen healthy growth over the years. But are taxpayers getting their money’s worth? A new study by the Palmetto Promise Institute reveals the disconnect between revenue and results… Read More