Posted December 18, 2015

Meet The Sotero Family

This article was first published on “The biggest tragedy in life is doing what you are not passionate about,” said Pastor Julio Sotero of Greenville, South Carolina. “It will cause frustration, and it will kill your life. There are a lot of walking dead out there. They walk,… Read More
Posted November 19, 2015

Meet The Richardson Family

This article was first published on Beth Richardson did her homework so that her children could find a high-quality school. “I visited every single school that was available to us in Columbia,” she says. Not satisfied with their assigned public school, Beth enrolled her son, Jed, in East… Read More
Posted October 2, 2015

Why The Norman Family Supports ESAs

This article was first published on Nevada took a huge set forward in empowering all parents…and South Carolina would do well to follow their lead. Thanks to the introduction of Education Savings Account, NV parents like Zavia Norman can provide their children with high quality, individualized education. In… Read More
Posted March 20, 2015

Educating The “Children No One Wants”

This article was first published on Last November, we were honored to feature Kevin Chavous, a leading voice for giving every child a chance and a choice, at our annual VisionSC policy summit. While he was here in  SC he learned about the great work happening at Legacy Charter… Read More
Posted January 19, 2015

Meet The Jackson Family

This article was first published on Jay Jackson liked his local public school and did well on his report cards. He even enrolled in some of the advanced classes that his school offered. However, Jay’s parents, Randy and Janice, noticed something peculiar: They never saw Jay do any… Read More
Posted January 19, 2015

Meet The Diveley Family

This article was first published on Kimberly Diveley was fortunate to have a Blue Ribbon public school just down the street. But despite the school’s accolades, her sons, Noah and Taylor, just didn’t fit in. “They were in an advanced program,” Kimberly says, and her boys had always… Read More
Posted January 19, 2015

Meet The Faucett Family

This article was first published on Morgan Faucett started her education at a private school. But her mom, Pam, felt the school was too small and didn’t have enough to offer Morgan. In second grade, Morgan moved to a public school and excelled there. “Morgan was always in… Read More
Posted June 13, 2014

Let’s Put Parents In Charge

50 years of growing federal involvement in education has not led to better outcomes for students. A recent Daily Signal article lays out the disturbing trend: “According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress long-term-trend assessment, 17-year-old students today perform no better in reading and math than 17-year-olds did… Read More
Posted February 2, 2014

School Choice Unites & Empowers

This OpEd  appeared in The Greenville News on February 2, 2014. Liberal Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton. What agenda could possibly unite these political odd couples? Support for the rapidly expanding world of education options. Each of… Read More
Posted January 30, 2014

The Power Of Choice

This article was first published on “Not my son,” Marilyn calmly whispered as she listened to the local news regarding the deterioration of the neighborhood public schools. Though outwardly silent, she made a thunderous inner vow. Her son would acquire an education and break the cycle of housing… Read More