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When Mark and Padgett Mozingo found out their daughter Lila had Down syndrome, they were consistently told what she couldn’t do. Some even told Padgett that she shouldn’t go through with the pregnancy. But they decided Lila was “limitless” and work hard to ensure that her diagnosis does not define her.

A huge part of Lila’s journey has been finding the best education fit to help her reach her limitless potential. When Lila’s local school simply wasn’t working for her, Mark and Padgett made the tough decision to move her to a private school.

The sacrifice has been worth it: they have seen a remarkable difference in Lila’s learning. An Education Scholarship Account (ESA) would help students like Lila and their parents to be able to afford programs and education options that could mean the difference for their future.

As Padgett says, “For us, an ESA would be huge. For others, it would mean the difference in their children’s success.”

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