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"My son needs support for his reading disorder and dyslexic needs..."

“We rely on private education for our twins. The public school in our area is a failing school district unfortunately.

We are also concerned with our children’s safety at those schools. I teach at the private school where my children attend.

We pay enrollment fees and tuition in addition to educating public school students with tax money. My son needs support for his reading disorder and dyslexic needs. We will have to pay for those services this year as well.

This would help us not struggle financially.”

Updated 09/16/2020

More on Education Scholarships Accounts (ESAs) - Legislation Pending

Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) are currently serving families in a number of states across the country, and just became law in West Virginia and Kentucky! If passed into law in South Carolina (a bill is currently pending in our General Assembly), these state-funded accounts would allow qualified families incredible flexibility to customize their child’s education.

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