Tuition-free online public school programs come in different shapes and sizes: the South Carolina Department of Education operates VirtualSC, a free online program currently serving students enrolled in every type of school as well as offering adult learning classes.

In addition, the South Carolina Public Charter School District has authorized five online charter schools which are listed below.

South Carolina students can even use virtual classes offered in other states like Florida’s Virtual School. Some schools will assist families in buying the hardware and software needed to support online learning.

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  • VirtualSC offers nearly 100 diverse courses online for high school credit, including Advanced Placement, career and technology and world languages. The number of students served has grown exponentially over the years, from 7,262 students in 2009 to 39,645 students during the 2015-16 school year
  • Enrollment information for virtual schools associated with the South Carolina Public Charter School District is available here.
  • Contact your online school to learn more about how to transfer credits between schools.

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