SAFE Grants is a program, developed by Governor Henry McMaster, to address the educational needs of eligible K5-12 students who attend a participating independent school in South Carolina.

Modeled on successful grant and scholarship programs serving thousands of students in states like Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina, SAFE Grants will provide critical support for working and low-income families to stabilize their child’s education journey during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure these students can access an education environment of their choice.

Introduction to SAFE Grants

SAFE Grants FAQ for Schools

Your Stories About SAFE Grants

  • The Cantu Family

    "We came to the United States from Mexico more than 12 years ago and became US citizens in 2018. With this pandemic, our family in Mexico was hit especially hard. They needed financial support, and we were very happy to provide it, but we had to cut costs here at home."
  • The May Family

    "My son needs support for his reading disorder and dyslexic needs..."
  • The Booth Family

    "Since March, the hours at my job have been cut in less than half, as has my paycheck. The struggle is real and under these circumstances the SAFE Grant would be such a blessing to our family..."
  • The Kelly Family

    "As a single mom of three small children who is also someone who serves the community as an educator, I am hoping for assistance should funds become available."
  • The Washburn Family

    "I have two elementary age school kids and with this pandemic this year we were only able to afford to enroll our youngest child..."
  • The Espinoza Family

    "When my son was two years old, we discovered he had a huge brain cyst and since then our family has been through a lot of challenges."