Education Scholarships Accounts (ESAs) - Legislation Pending

Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs), though not law in South Carolina yet, allow parents of eligible students to apply for an account funded with state education dollars (not federal or local) that allow families to customize their child’s education. Families have the freedom to choose from a list of qualified education service providers that could include school tuition, tutoring, textbooks, therapy or any approved education service that accommodates their student’s unique needs!

An ESA bill has been introduced in the South Carolina House of Representatives with over 63 lawmakers signing on as Co-Sponsors.

Learn more about ESAs here: Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs): Everything You Need to Know

Hear from South Carolina parents on the needs for ESAs with this short video: SC Families Speak Out on Need for Education Choice Post-COVID

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Your Stories About Education Scholarships Accounts (ESAs) - Legislation Pending

  • My ESA Story: The Wells Family

    "We were led to Spartanburg Christian Academy. While we have had to make huge sacrifices, financially and physically to make this work, it has been worth it all. Giving some of the funds for families financially who decide to take a route outside of public education is huge and we highly support this effort."
  • My ESA Story: The Bramlett Family

    "I lost my job due to COVID-19... As a single mother, all I could think was that my daughter would be left alone all day to educate herself... I couldn't wait any longer so I had to enroll her in private school...I sure could use temporary help to off-set these unforeseen costs."
  • My ESA Story: The Gooden Family

    "My son was first with severe autism and delayed speech. The ESA would be a huge help and blessing with assisting us financially with continuing to finance his tuition and education."
  • My ESA Story: The Smith Family

    "I do not want to take him out of this school but I may not have a choice. Please consider this bill, not for my sake but for children, like my son, who cannot help the situation they are in."
  • My ESA Story: The Grabenbauer Family

    "I am a disabled vet working to the best of my ability for my families seafood company. The private school we send our children to more closely represents the values and morals we share as a family."
  • My ESA Story: The Alexander Family

    "I have two grandchildren, one that does very very good in public school. The other child adopted from Russia, we got him when he was 16 months old, he weighed 16 pounds. Could not walk, talk or feed himself. All children do not fit in the same mold. Some need more and he received it."
  • The Cantu Family

    "We came to the United States from Mexico more than 12 years ago and became US citizens in 2018. With this pandemic, our family in Mexico was hit especially hard. They needed financial support, and we were very happy to provide it, but we had to cut costs here at home."
  • The May Family

    "My son needs support for his reading disorder and dyslexic needs..."
  • The Booth Family

    "Since March, the hours at my job have been cut in less than half, as has my paycheck. The struggle is real and under these circumstances the SAFE Grant would be such a blessing to our family..."
  • The Kelly Family

    "As a single mom of three small children who is also someone who serves the community as an educator, I am hoping for assistance should funds become available."