My family would like to thank you for your commitment to meet the needs of so many South Carolinians! Your efforts are appreciated & they’re not in vain. My husband is a veteran of the USMC. We have 4 children 1 of which is autistic. A SAFE grant for our 9 year old son would mean not having to sacrifice any of our weekly trips to Charleston for our 4 year olds therapy sessions that he so desperately needs! A SAFE grant will assure my student there will be no gaps in his education & support he needs to further his dreams of becoming a World Renowned Paleontologist! We stand with you Governor McMaster! It’s not about the money. But giving the students of South Carolina hope! This SAFE grant could be the reason for so many students success in the near future! My family is very appreciative for your support & integrity you’ve shown us throughout the course of this crisis & interest in our son’s Education!