I am a mother who values my children’s education. This past spring was so hard on our family trying to homeschool our 14 year old. The stress was overwhelming and started to destroy our relationship. My husband works full time on 3rd shift and attends college as he is pursuing his electrical engineering degree. My daughter was in the graduating class of 2020 and is attending college this month. Lastly, I’m a flight attendant and my hours were cut to about 20 hrs a month and I will be looking at furlough come Nov 1st. We are desperate to receive any help with tuition for our 14 year old at his private school. September 1st his first month of tuition is due for $1100 on top of a $795 family gift, PTO FEES, athletic fees, school bus fee, and the school supply list was well over $100. PLEASE consider helping us. #wewillpayitforwardlater