Parent Power Movement

I Believe That…

  • Students Need Options.
    The “take it or leave it” shift to virtual learning is leaving too many of our children behind and doing long-term educational and emotional damage. We can’t lose a generation of students who don’t thrive in front of a screen.
  • Parents Need Options.
    Some parents are able to work from home. Others aren’t. No parent should have to choose between their child’s education and putting food on the table. Parents deserve alternatives.
  • Teachers Need Options.
    Some teachers need to teach virtually for personal or family health concerns. Other teachers are ready and willing to return to the classroom. Give teachers the respect and flexibility to decide what works best for them and their students.


The only way to meet the reality of a post-COVID world is to REJECT one-size-fits-all: it’s time to think outside the box!

Let’s give students, parents, and teachers the options they need and deserve! Add your name to our petition today.

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I believe that Students, Parents, and Teachers deserve options! Join the movement today!

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